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December 2017

Thunderbird Global School of Management announced the launch of its first Executive Education program in Nanjing, China in collaboration with ChinaVest, Ltd, one of the oldest American financial services companies operating in China since 1981. The first program was attended by more than 150 executives from leading companies from Nanjing and other parts of Jiangsu province. The lectures by Thunderbird’s senior faculty were well-received by the attendees. Thunderbird, a college within Arizona State University, was founded in 1946 as one of the first Global Management graduate schools in the world. Dr. Allen Morrison, CEO and Director General of the School, stated that the Thunderbird Executive Education program provides Chinese Corporations with dedicated training programs for their executives to assist them in their global expansion, whether it is “One Belt, One Road” strategies or in the rapid expansion of Chinese companies in new markets in North America or Europe.” Robert Theleen, CEO of ChinaVest, and former Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, said that “the Executive Education programs will accelerate the speed in which Chinese enterprises reach global standards of operation with state-of-the-art programs developed by the School’s work with Fortune 500 companies throughout the world.” In another major development, Arizona State University announced the move of the Thunderbird’s graduate programs and the Executive Education programs to a new site in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The commitment by ASU will provide the School with the most advanced facilities in the rapidly growing City of Phoenix. This geographic move reflects the strategic importance ASU places on Thunderbird and its role in the University’s global vision. It represents a significant investment in the school’s continued excellence long in the future.